Research Areas

The Department of Astronomy counts 12 faculty members working in a large variety of reasearch areas. The following table shows the main research areas with a very short description. For more informations please follow the provided links.

Galaxy evolution and galaxy environments

Our group is dedicated to the study of galaxy properties and the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of the local environment in which they reside.
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Stellar Populations

The research area of Star Clusters and Stellar Populations started with the arrival of Douglas Geisler to Concepción. He was also one of the co-founders of the Astronomy Department. Today, the group consists of two professors, Geisler and Sandro Villanova, several postdoctoral researchers, a number of graduate and undergraduate students, plus important international collaborators.
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Stellar Variability

The Stellar Variability Group is led by the astronomer Ronald Mennickent, PhD from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The main topic research of this group nowadays is about Double Periodic Variables (DPVs), discovered in 2003 by R. Mennickent and collaborators.
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Distance Scale

The Distance Scale Group is led by the astronomer Wolfgang Gieren. The main topic research of this group is about high precision measurements of multiple distance indicators in astronomy.
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Theory Group

Our group consists of 3 professors working in the field of theoretical astrochemistry, magneto-hydrodynamics and stellar dynamics.
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Star Formation

The Starformation group works in observational near-field and resolved star formation.
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The Center for Astronomical Instrumentation, CEPIA, of the Department of Astronomy of the University of Concepción, was born from the QUIMAL Fund, CONICYT, destined for the Development of Technologies for National Astronomy, awarded to the professor of the Department of Astronomy, Dr. Rodrigo Reeves in the year 2014.
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