Dra. Amelia Stutz

Dr. Amelia Stutz joined the faculty in Fall 2016. Dra. Stutz is a multiwavelength observer who is focused on topics related to star formation, including the identification and characterization of the youngest protostars, molecular cloud properties, the exciting role of magnetic fields in the star formation process, and the kinematics and dynamics of the young stellar content of forming star clusters. Dra. Stutz uses observational facilities ranging from radio, mm, infrared, optical and X-ray with the aim of building a complete and empirical view of the dominant processes in star formation. In particular, her recent work has focused on the Orion Molecular Cloud, the most massive and nearby region of high mass star and cluster formation, where she and collaborators developed a new model for cluster formation. Dra. Stutz aims to bridge the gap between exquisite present-day observations and theory by developing new avenues through which to investigate the star formation process, using observations, theory, and simulations. Dra. Stutz is focused on the development of a new understanding of the star formation process, the fruitful and close collaboration with theorists, and the training, development, and retention of students from diverse backgrounds in Science.

Dr. Stutz did her undergraduate at the Ohio State University and completed her PhD at Steward Observatory (Tucson, Arizona) in 2009. She was a postdoctoral scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg Germany from 2009-2016 before joining the faculty.

  • associate professor
  • office: 210
  • phone: +56 - 41 - 220 - xxxx
  • e-mail: astutz (at) astro (dash) udec (point) cl
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