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January 2018

The recently-started "Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes“ CONICYT Anillo program announces the call for three postdoctoral positions with an initial duration of two years, with possibilities for extension. The main focus of this program is on black hole formation models and probing black hole growth locally and over cosmic time via ALMA/IFUs, the Event Horizon Telescope, the NuSTAR satellite as well as predicting implications for future gravitational wave observatories. The observational work will be complemented with state-of-the-art numerical simulations. Our team encompasses Profs. D. Schleicher (dschleicher (at), N. Nagar (nagar (at) and S. Bovino (stefanobovino (at) at Universidad de Concepción, Prof. P. Arévalo (patricia.arevalo (at) at Universidad de Valparaiso and Prof. E. Treister (etreiste (at) at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Interested applicants should demonstrate the relation of their research to the Anillo program and point out possible collaborations with their members. The Anillo provides a competitive salary of about ~28.000 USD (after taxes), generous travel support as well as a stimulating research environment. In addition to existing computational facilities, the successful applicants will have access to the 10% Chilean observing time on all existing and future telescopes including ALMA, APEX, Gemini-South, Magellan, VLT. We will further consider supporting applications for the Fondecyt fellowship program for eligible candidates, which supports competitive researchers within the first three years after their PhD. Interested applicants should send a CV with publication list, summary of previous (1-2 pages) and proposed future research (1-2 pages), as well as contact information for three recommendation letter writers, to dschleicher (at) We encourage potential applicants to contact team members they are interested to work with ahead of submission. Applications will be reviewed starting February 26 and continue until the positions are filled.
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Anillo project approved!

December 2017

The Anillo project on the "Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes" was recently approved and started 29.12.2017.