Stefano Bovino

Associate Researcher

stefanobovino (at)

S. Bovino is professor for astronomy at Universidad de Concepcion since 01.12.2017, and is Investigador Asociado of the proposal. He obtained his PhD at the Sapienza University in Rome in 2011, with previous positions in Cambridge, Rome, Goettingen and Hamburg. He is one of the main developers of the publicly available astrochemistry package KROME and has developed chemical models for many different astrophysical situations, including the formation of black hole seeds, of metal poor clouds and the interstellar medium in galaxies. He received his own three-year position as principal investigator from the German Science Foundation in the Priority Program 1573 on the interstellar medium in 2014, and received the 2015 Carla Roetti Medal from the Italian Chemical Society for his contributions to apply chemistry to astrophysics.

Main Expertise

The group of Stefano Bovino works on astrochemistry in particular on the development of chemical models and microphysics for three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations. These are applied to the study of the formation and evolution of different types of structures in the Universe, ranging from the formation of the first stars and massive black holes to models of entire galaxies.

Main publications: