TITANS aims to improve our understanding of supermassive black holes over cosmic history, and to use Event Horizon Telescope imaging to better understand these unique objects. With funding of ~1 million US$ over three years (and the possibility of renewal for three additional years) Nucleo Milenio projects target focussed research topics and are funded by Chile's National Agency for Investigation and Development (ANID).

TITANS will focus on:

  • The formation of black hole seeds in the early universe (via theory and simulations)
  • The growth of black holes over cosmic time (via observations and simulations)
  • The imaging of the innermost environments (accretion inflows and jets) of a large number of black holes using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)
  • Our technology component is focussed on site testing and operation plans towards installing new EHT telescopes in Chile, and in developing high bandwidth remote satellite communication stations (ground to low earth orbit) in Chile, using all-sky phased arrays, and phased arrays coupled to carbon-fibre antennas.

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Latest News

  • Science Fest 2021

    The Science Fest 2021 will take place from 20 to 24 of October. The TITANS Nucleo Millennium will participate on different public activities. Join us. More information here (page in Spanish).

  • Call for Fondecyt Postdoctoral positions

    The "Millennium Nucleus for Transversal Research and Technology to explore Supermassive Black Holes" invites recent Ph.D. graduates to apply for Fondecyt Postdoctoral positions with our group. The Fondecyt Postdoc, open to all areas of science and technology, is a prestigious 3 year fellowship funded by the Ministry of Science of Chile (via ANID; ex-Conicyt), and covers postdoctoral salary, a generous travel allowance, and operational expenses. More info HERE


Administrative Assistant:
Nathalie Ulloa SantibaƱez
titans.asistente (at) gmail.com

Outreach Responsible:
Pamela Henriquez
pamehenri (at) gmail.com