TACO Committee

TITANs Activities Organizing Committee

What is the TACO Committee?

A mix of students and professors who like to organize events!

The TITANs ACtivities Organizing Committee has been established to gather together the young researchers who are part ot the TITANs Nucleus Millennium. In paritcular, we aim to organize targeted events, which can help students and researchers in their early career. Being the Nucleus spread over different Chilean institutions it is of vital importance to organize joint activities aimed at enriching the experience of the youngest. Journal clubs, targeted talks, scientific presentations, are some of the main activities the TACO Committee organizes. Together with these basic activiites we also organize special events on career planning, job applications, and life out of science. All this, without forgetting about the social part of this committee, i.e. organization of recreative activities.

Active Members

  • Nathan Leigh (Professor responsible for TITANs Training)
  • Bidisha Bandyopadhyay (Postdoc, UdeC)
  • Andrea Rojas (Postdoc, Valparaiso)
  • Patricio Ávila (Phd Student, UdeC)
  • Vicente Arratia (Master Student, UdeC)
  • Paula Caceres (Master Student, U. de Chile)
  • Lenin Valeria (Master Student, UdeC)

Event: 18.05.2021

How to seek for PhD and Postdoctoral positions

Speakers: S. Bovino, D. Schleicher, S. Ferrada, A. Mura, J. Zamponi, V. Diaz, F. Navarrete,
D. Nair, and M.L. Martinéz

This mini-workshop took place on the 18.05.2021, online. We have invited former students doing now a PhD abroad through different grants. They explained how to get into a PhD application, prepare and perform an interview, and seek for standard Chilean grant that allow to start a PhD abroad like Beca Chile, DAAD Fellowships among others. Our postdocs and deputy director Dominik Schleiher introduced into the application word for postdoctoral positions/fellowhips. The meeting was very fruitful with more than 30 students attending. The talks can be found at the following links:

Get a PhD out of Chile
Get a Postdoctoral position worldwide
Overview of Postdoctoral position in Chile

And here you can find the slides:

Get a PhD out of Chile
Get a Postdoctoral position worldwide
Overview of Postdoctoral position in Chile