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The "Millennium Nucleus for Transversal Research and Technology to explore Supermassive Black Holes" (TITANs) invites recent Ph.D. graduates to apply for Fondecyt Postdoctoral positions with our group. The Fondecyt Postdoc, open to all areas of science and technology, is a prestigious 3 year fellowship funded by the Ministry of Science of Chile (via ANID; ex-Conicyt), and covers postdoctoral salary, a generous travel allowance, and operational expenses.

TITANs focusses on black hole formation models, probing black hole growth locally and over cosmic time, and imaging the inner environs of black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) and other VLBI arrays. Observational work is complemented with state-of-the-art numerical simulations. We also have a strong instrumentation component towards developing the next-generation EHT and high-bandwidth satellite communications.

Our team encompasses Profs. S. Bovino, R .Herrera-Camus, N. Leigh, N. Nagar, R. Reeves, and D. Schleicher (U. de Concepción), Prof. P. Arévalo (U. de Valparaiso), Profs. A. Escala and P. Lira (U. de Chile), Prof. E. Treister (Pontificia Universidad Católica), 6 postdocs, and 25 Ph.D. and Masters students. Postdocs have the option to work with the EHT Collaboration and contribute to the next generation EHT.

The deadline for proposals is August 19, 2021. Approved postdoc positions start on 15 April 2022. Applicants are expected to write their own research proposal, with help from their guide professor, and sponsorship from a host institute in Chile. Applications are open to people of all nationalities who obtained, or will obtain, a Ph.D. in the period 1 January 2018 to 26 August 2021. Details and rules of the competition (in spanish) can be seen HERE.

We encourage interested investigators to contact a professor in the above list as soon as possible with a CV and a brief statement of future research interests. Pre-selected candidates will then be supported by TITANs and the primary contact professor in the confection of the research proposal to be submitted to the Fondecyt position.

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We will probe supermassive black hole growth - and its impact on the host galaxy, i.e. 'feedback' - across cosmic history, making use of large surveys like eROSITA and SDSS-V, plus individual detailed studies using ALMA and the VLT. We aim to better understand systematics in different SMBH measurement techniques, and refine indirect SMBH estimators, via our program to apply multiple measurement techniques - including molecular and ionized gas, stellar dynamics, and reverberation mapping - to each galaxy in a well chosen sample. Additionaly, numerical simulations will be used to better understand the effect of black hole accretion on the evolution of the host galaxy.