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HV and UHV Chambers

Design, build, and test

For the first part of the experimental project we plan to work with high-vacuum (up to 10-8 mbar). The chamber we designed and that was prepared by Ancorp is very simple with multiple ports that can host different instruments and allow to illuminate the center of the chamber with a laser for instance. The chamber is electropolished, in standard stainless 304SS and with two QF40 1.5 viewports. With proper modifications can also accomodate a coldhead. Here below you can see some of the sketches of the HV chamber.

To build a UHV system requires a high-quality UHV chamber and three stages of pumping systems which will bring the pressures down to 10-10-10-11 mbar (typical pressures in the cold regions of the ISM). Turbomolecular pumps represent the most important step in the creation of UHV systems, in combination with roughing pumps can bring a chamber down to 10-8 mbar. We plan to buy a performant pumping station, which includes HV and UHV pumps. An additional pump specifically designed for UHV applications is in fact needed on top of the turbomolecular pump, this can be a ion getter pump. Gate valves will be used to regulate the different vacuum stages.