Dr. Sandro Villanova

Dr. Sandro Villanova obtained his Bachelor's degree in Astronomy at the University of Padova, in 2003 with his thesis: "Photometry and spectroscopy of open clusters in advanced dinamical phases", under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Carraro and Dr. Gustavo Baume. He did his PhD at the same University, during 2004-2006, with the thesis: "Stellar Populations in the Globular Cluster Omega Centauri", under the supervision of: Dr. Giampaolo Piotto and Dr. Giovanni Carraro.

His areas of research includes multiple stellar populations in globular clusters. Star clusters dynamics. Open clusters as evidence of the galactic disk evolution. Chemical and dynamical evolution of nearby dwarf galaxies, and stars chemical composition, as proof of star evolution theories.

  • assistant professor
  • office: 213
  • phone: +56 - 41 - 220 - 1441
  • e-mail: svillanova (at) astro (dash) udec (point) cl
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